The MS-Consult system engineer integrates new computer system requirements into complex hardware and software systems. Our system integrators plan, install, administer, configure and maintain the complex IT systems. Other main activities are consulting and system analysis.

The term "migration" has many meanings. It can refer both to the changeover as a whole and to any adaptation process of individual system components included in it. For example, migration from one operating system to another usually also means or involves the migration of application software and data.

Migration goes beyond a simple update or upgrade and rather refers to a fundamental change in the software infrastructure. Migration strategies form the basis of a migration. Ideally, utilities, such as our smartXchange, are available for largely automated conversion.

Software and hardware consulting

We offer professional services from client installation to data center optimization. Our consulting approach and technology expertise are vendor-independent. We advise you on your IT strategy, integrate new application solutions, optimize your IT systems or support your operations with our Expert Support.

With a holistic view of business models and value chains, MS-Consult's certified IT business architects design future-proof IT landscapes. The result is a target architecture with a future IT development plan that is interlinked with the business processes.

MS-Consult helps you as an experienced partner of medium-sized businesses to achieve these goals. From the planning to the operational business.

Anyone considering outsourcing IT services is pursuing four goals:

  • flexible use
  • simple handling
  • innovative services
  • cost-efficient use

This is exactly what we are pursuing with our approach:

  • flexible: We create a managed IT & outsourcing concept for you that optimally combines on-site services, on-demand support and remote services.
  • easy: Thanks to our modular catalog with over 500 defined services, our services can be easily and quickly integrated into existing infrastructures - even for individual requirements.
  • innovative and cost-efficient: Instead of maintaining costly IT infrastructures and special technical skills themselves, companies only pay MS-Consult for what they really need. This saves your company time and money on an ongoing basis.

Virtual service desk
Distributed service desk organization as an alternative to centralized or offshore service desks.

Managed Workplace
Standardized, modernized IT workstation concepts for efficient operations around the client lifecycle.

Managed Application

Integration of solution concepts for standard software and customer-specific applications.

Network concepts

Network architecture - network concepts

Creation of national and international network concepts, as well as implementation and support by our technicians 


  • Ensuring the correct functioning of the network
  • Definition of the operation of the software components in the network (e.g. VPN)
  • Identification of the workstations and servers to be connected and testing of the hardware based on the hardware and system requirements
  • Ensuring correct interaction with 3rd party systems (e.g. e-mail)
  • Development of a concept for data security
  • Identification of users and permissions


  • Creation of a complete hardware inventory list with all PCs, laptops, servers, printers, fax machines (incl. IP addresses).
  • The network shall be documented in a Visio Chart.
  • Creation of a user list


  • Checking the hardware and system requirements
  • Testing the network
  • Checking the installation of the workstations and connection to the server


  • Network installation documentation
  • Documentation of the installed workstations of the servers
  • Documentation user list
  • Documentation of support cases

Application analysis

Find resources - simplify processes

The application analysis for your software infrastructure represents an important inventory from which we jointly develop an individual concept for your requirements.


  • Determination of the implementation of all business processes in the areas of ERP, CRM, Fibu
  • Definition of the required software adaptations
  • Definition of the adjustments of documents, forms, reports, evaluations and templates


  • Relevant core processes are set up and described per department
  • Screenshots of the current system are required for the purpose of visualization of the processes
  • Sample printouts are generated for all documents to be printed (receipts, forms, evaluations, reports, templates, etc.). Desired changes can be sketched directly on the documents by hand.


  • Core processes are discussed and analyzed per department.
  • The implementation of the core processes with Sage 100 is determined.
  • Adjustments to be made in the course of process optimization are discussed in detail.

Prices upon request


We monitor all systems, devices and applications on your network using the following technologies:

  • SNMP: out-of-the-box and customizable
  • WMI and Windows Performance Counters
  • SSH: for Linux/Unix and MacOS
  • Flows and Packet Sniffing
  • Ping
  • HTTP queries and push data
  • SQL
  • and many more 

Rely on our monitoring on a daily basis. We use it to monitor their local networks, Remote connections, servers, websites, devices, URLs and much more.

Companies today are dependent on their network. Data is exchanged and managed via the network. As the basis for communication, it represents the backbone for all business processes. Bottlenecks or failures can have a lasting impact on your company's success. Continuous server and network monitoring lets you quickly identify and rectify problematic situations before they become a serious threat:

  • Avoid performance bottlenecks and deliver better quality service by being proactive.
  • Reduce costs through on-demand purchases and increase your bottom line by minimizing downtime.
  • Relax: as long as you don't receive any warnings from us, you know that all monitored components are working as they should.

Our monitoring has more than 200 sensor types for all common network services (e.g. Ping, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc.). These sensors each consist of a measuring point that monitors a specific aspect on a device - e.g. a URL, the network traffic of a network connection, a port on a switch or the CPU load on a computer. For optimal monitoring, about 5 to 10 sensors are required per device.

Notification of any failures is sent via e-mail, SMS or pager even before your users notice them. With increasing runtime of the monitoring and thus improved monitoring and optimization, the error messages for you and your users are reduced.


Our tailored training programs offer you the opportunity to unleash the full potential of Sage 100.

  • Customization: Our trainings are tailored to the needs of your company.
  • Practical approach: We emphasise practical examples and exercises so that you can directly apply what you have learned.
  • Experienced trainers: Our trainers are certified experts in their field and provide you with in-depth knowledge.
  • Flexibility: Choose from different training formats and times to create the optimal training plan for your team.

Contact us for more information and book your individual training now!