Use your Sage across national borders!

Internationally operating companies must have the possibility to use a multilingual ERP system. The technology developed by MS-Consult makes it possible to start with Sage 100 ERP and Accounting in English**, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish*, Czech*, Hungarian*, Russian*, Chinese*, Arabic* or Lithuanian*.

With multilingualism, it is possible to work company-wide in, for example, a terminal server environment with several languages and uniform data at the same time.

Other languages on request.

Important functionalities
• Flexible, multilingual and location-independent
• User-specific language setting
• Integrated multilingual reporting
• English language training materials.
• Connection of foreign subsidiaries (in automated form also in connection with our smartXchange)
• Optimization of business processes.

*incl. the country-specific special characters (Unicode-capable)
**Sales and provision only via Sage Germany

MS-Consult also offers additional country-specific customizations:

International payment transactions

This extension allows international bank details to be stored in Sage 100. Furthermore, the international payment transactions MT101 (DTA), SEPA Clearing and ABA (Australian format), as well as the international direct debit MT104 are supported. 

International Girostar

 With the international Girostar it is possible, among other things, to read MT940 incl. return debit notes and MT942 into Sage 100 and process them further.


International balance sheet evaluations

Multilingual display and reporting allow you to quickly edit across language borders. For example, the balance sheet or the statement of accounts can be output and displayed in English.

Consolidation in the international environment

Advanced consolidation allows you to consolidate accounting data and enterprise resource planning documents at the detailed level:
• Clients to be consolidated can have different charts of accounts.
• Clients of different countries and currencies can be consolidated.

Base products:
Sage 100
Sage 100 Evolution